Rosemary Cold Brew Coffee


This weekend, I decided to make some rosemary-infused cold brew coffee (thanks to my sister for the idea!). It was quite simple. When adding 80g of medium roast Columbian beans from local roaster Union Place Coffee Roasters, I also added the leaves from half of a sprig of fresh rosemary (2g). I let it sit on the counter for around 20 hours.

This morning I tried it for the first time. The rosemary flavor and aroma really comes through!

A Blue Sky


The blue sky kept on calling to me today from my office window. And it was relatively warm, at a balmy 45°F. So, I decided to go for a short walk this afternoon. A walk. The road was dry, so I also decided to try out the new running shoes that my wife got me for Christmas.

I don’t know if it was the blue sky, or my new blue shoes, but halfway through the walk I thought… “I’ll run just a bit”. I haven’t run at all since last October, so I figured that maybe I’d manage a half mile. A half mile turned into a mile, and then into 1.3 miles. And I even managed my fastest pace yet (with my bulky sweatshirt and winter coat no less).

I can’t wait for more blue skies and warmer weather!