The Year It Finally Clicked

When 2017 started, I couldn’t have imagined what the year would end up holding for me.

Towards the end of January, I completed the Ring in the New Year Challenge in the Apple Activity app on my Apple Watch, which meant that I closed all three Activity rings—Move, Exercise, and Stand—each day for a full week. I don’t know why I even really wanted it. It was just a silly sticker. I didn’t even have any friends on the Activity app to share it with.

The sticker that started it all

But, it triggered something inside me. As 2017 comes to an end, I am on a 343 day Move streak in the Activity app. And I’m also on a 343 day streak for logging what I eat in Lose It! I’ve lost 75 pounds and gained health and energy that I haven’t seen in years.

One Year Difference
Christmas 2016 vs Christmas 2017

What will 2018 hold for me? Again, I have no idea. But, I’m excited by the possibilities!

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