2018 Running in Review

When I started 2018, I had no aspirations to become “a runner”. I had run a few times here and there, but had no plan to drastically increase my frequency/distance running or make it such an integral part of my life.

Somewhere along the way, in April I believe, I decided that I would train to do one of the runDisney Virtual Running Short 5Ks. And that kicked it all off!

Over the course of 2018, I spent 51 hours running 429 kilometers over the course of 126 runs.

Distance per month

I completed four local races, in addition to the runDisney virtual 5K mentioned above:

I also did two “fun runs” while down at Walt Disney World in the fall:

For 2019, I plan on competing in a number of 5Ks, and also will challenge myself with at least one 10K and a half-marathon! And, I’ve just started incorporating some trail running into my routine for variety (as the photos at the top of the post allude to).

Who knows what else 2019 has in store?!


Training in “Nice” Weather

This is what training looked like for me this morning. It was actually nice enough outside for me to run along the canal!


New Training Milestone Reached: 10k


This past Saturday, I completed my longest training run ever — 10k!

  • Duration: 52:59
  • Average Pace: 5’15”

Finish Lines

This morning while I was in the middle of a benchmark run, Don’t Let This Feeling Fade, by Lindsey Stirling (which I posted about last week) came on.

I’m pushing myself to run as fast as I can. Lecrae delivers this line in the song…

And what if finish lines make us happy?

And right away, the Nike+ Run Club trainer cuts in…

There is no finish line!

I wish I could have recorded this! The timing was absolutely perfect. 😄


Don’t Let This Feeling Fade

This song has been on repeat frequently since I saw Lindsey Stirling in concert the other week and has quickly become one of my training playlist favorites.





My daughter and I recently started training to run a 5k later this summer (we’re using 5K Runner by Fitness22). We are planning on doing a runDisney Virtual Running Short 5K in July and a local 5K in August!